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 Post subject: Cataclysm Application Guidelines
PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:41 pm 
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Please submit an informal application that includes any information you feel we should know about you.

Keep in mind that if the application appears to be done carelessly it will not be reviewed, informal doesn't mean sloppy.

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 Post subject: Re: Cataclysm Application Guidelines
PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:54 pm 
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Level: (if you have no characters at max level don't bother applying)

R/L State/Country:

Please list other max level characters you have and specify what server they are on:

What other serious guilds in WoW have you been a part of? What server were they on, and why did you leave/want to leave?

What raiding experience do you have in classic WoW?

What raiding experience do you have in TBC?

What raiding experience do you have in WotLK?

What raiding experience do you have in Cata?

What are you looking for in a guild?

What is your current talent spec and/or experience with other specs of your class?

Are you capable of participating in competitive arena and enjoying it?(Note: this isn't a requirement)

What is the highest rating you have attained in each bracket of rated arenas? (Also not required, but it can be a good indicator of skill level)

Approximately how often do you expect to be able to raid on a weekly basis (typically /Th/Sun/Mon 5-8pm PST and Sometimes depending on how close we are to progressing on a fight)? Are there any days you absolutely will not be able to make? How long past those raid times could you stay, if needed?

What attendance level did you maintain in your most recent guild, over the course of how long?

Please include a link to either a current armory profile, or list out your primary gear set here. Also please give us a general idea of how good your off-spec gear is. (In general we are looking for people with good gear, though exceptions can occur on occasion):

Do you have Ventrilo installed with a microphone?

Are you willing to put the time in to farm money for repair costs and consumables, whatever it takes to get the job done?

Do you have a computer which can support 10 people next to each other at the same time?

Do you have a broadband internet connection?

Is your broadband internet connection stable?

Thank you for your time and interest in our guild.


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