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 Post subject: Re: M-APP: WACKKO - DRUID - 80
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:18 pm 

Joined: Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:45 pm
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I would like to re-apply to Park Balance, I think it's a great guild, I have worked on the application, and want to see if you can reconsider.


Character Name:


Publicly known alts:




Armory Link:

http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... l&n=Wackko

First Name:


Age: 37

Are you currently a Park Visitor?

NO, but it looks very imformative, I will certainly visit often

WoW Background

I been playing wow since the first release 4 years ago, before that I use to play MUD, which is a text base D&D game.

Date joined: 2007
Date of departure:2008
Reason for leaving:Guild disbanned
Class played while in guild: Hunter

Love and War
Date joined: 2008
Date of departure:2009
Reason for leaving: progression
Class played while in guild: DRUID

Please list any references from that guild that we may contact:

Children is the Guild master

Please describe to us in detail both your mainspec and offspec for raiding and how they will benefit the raid over other specs.

My two specs are Resto and Boomkin. with resto I think I'm one of the best resto druid on the server, to be able to keep 3 stacks of life blooms on 4 or even 5 of the players depends on the fight,
Or spam heal the tank like in patchworks.

with Boomkin, I have 4/5 of T7.5 to take advantage of the set bonus. help casters of the group with +crit. with 231/262 hit rating, I will have to resocket some gems to make up the missing hit, I saw some new BOE drops from uldar, I may buy a belt or something to make up the difference, I love the T7.5 Set bonus. but the set doesn't offer any hit what so ever.

Please describe to us your gear for both your mainspec and offspec and explain what gems are in both sets of gear and why you chose those gems.

My healing gears I focused on + Spell damge and + MP5 since with the patch they have nerfed the benefit of spirit. I love the blue trinket from hall of lighting Spark of life, I think it's the best mana regen trainket out there.
It's a life saver in long boss fights.

For Boomkin, to keep Improved Faerie Fire on the boss.

Why do you play World of Warcraft?

I always loved D&D type of game, WOw just put graphics into it, it's the same concept as some of the older D&D games.

Why did you choose to apply to Park Balance?

I know park Balance to be a long and stable guild and I'm the type person who doesn't like guild drumas, and the raid time is perfect for me, someone with kids.

How did you find out about us?

Park Balance is well known on the server.

Are there any members from Park Balance that can be contacted for a referral?

I have grouped up with memeber of Park Balance in many raid and instance runs, but never had a chance to get close and personal with any members.


Currently our scheduled raids run from 8PM to 12AM Monday to Thursday.

Yes at lease 3/4 days.

Will you ever be unable to attend any of our scheduled raids? (please describe why and when)

there always will be times that I won't be able to make the raid, but for the most of the times, I'm here

Your Background

Do you play any other computer or console games?

not any more I don't, I perfer computer games over console games

Please describe to us your responsibilities outside of World of Warcraft:

Running two companies with 20 or so employees

Raiding Experience

Please describe your knowledge and experience with all Raid content in Wrath of the Lich King, The Burning Crusade and Vanilla World of Warcraft.

From the very first raid in wow, which is Onyixa, MX, BWL ... I have raided all the raid instance and played as Warlock, hunter, Druid warriors. Gave me
a good knowledge of all the classes and what's expected from each of the classes.

In Burning Crusade, Raided SSC, Black Temple, Mount HJ.

In WOLK I Raided Naxx, EOE, OS 2D, Tried and never been sucessful with OS 3D

Learning and Self-Improvement

Ulduar is the newest hot topic raid instance. What encounters have you educated yourself on from this instance? Please give us a breifexplanation of at least one of the fights from this instance.

I have tried only 1 boss in Ulduar, which is XT-002 Deconstructor.

XT-002 Deconstructor will cast two abilities on raid members - “Light Bomb” and “Gravity Bomb” both of which will require the

person to run away from the raid. Light Bomb will hit everyone for 2500 damage every second, and Gravity Bomb will detonate

after 9 seconds, causing ~20k damage. XT-002 will also cast Tympanic Tantrum, an earthquake like effect that deals damage

equal to 10% of your health every second for 12 seconds, everyone in the raid will need a heal in order to survive.

Every 25%, the XT-002 will spawn three different types of adds - Scrapbots, Boombots and Pummeler. The Pummelers just need

to be offtanked, they don’t hit very hard, but they do cleave, the Scrapbots will heal the boss if they reach him, and the

Boombots…go boom, they explode for ~13k.So we had 2 dps on th bombs to kill them As soon as they spawn.

from what I read, The hard mode for this encounter is enabled by killing the Heart of the Deconstructor, which has 5 million

health (but takes 100% extra damage) and is up for 20 seconds. So within those 20 seconds your raid has to do the equivalent

of 2.5 million damage over 20 seconds (125,000 RDPS) in order to enable the hard mode.

What sources do you use to attain information on raid encounters you have not yet completed? (please provide specific URLs)

The best source out there is youtube and wowwiki.com

What ammount of time do you feel is long enough to spend wiping on a new encounter before it would be wise to call the raid for the night and come back another day?

4 hours, which is our raid time from 8-12.

What is your opinion of the raiding acheivements blizzard has added to the game?

It's a good way to keep the game interesting, personally I didn't think very highly of it at the begaining, then I started work on glory of the Hero achievements, it sure makes alot of the encounter very different, it feel good to be able to complete them all

Do you set yourself goals in World of Warcraft? If so, what goals have you completed in the past, and what are your current goals?

my goal would be able to progress with the game, see all the content and play during the raid time and less when not raiding.

PVP Experience

I use to run a PVP guild with over 100 members on Manaroth with my Rogue, my highest rank at the time was 11 on the server.

Do you currently participate in arena PVP?


Please explain your Burning Crusade PVP accomplishments:

not much, I did some PVP with my hunter, but nothing to special

Technical Feasibility

Please describe the computer(s) [technically] and surrounding environment you play in:

P4 3.2 duel core, 4 GB ram, Nvida Quro FX 1400 Video card.

Do you ever experience FPS lag?


Do you ever get disconnected from the Internet? If so, why?

downloading porn in the back ground lol, just kidding, no

Do you currently own a full working version of Fraps?

no, I think I know someone who may have a copy

Do you own any video editing software? If so, are you familiar with it?


Would you be interested in assisting with guild video projects?


Bonus Points

What do you think "Park Balance" means? Be creative and have fun.


 Post subject: Re: M-APP: WACKKO - DRUID - 80
PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:24 pm 
Park Management

Joined: Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:49 am
Posts: 287
Why would you not take the time to fill out an app the first time, why the second.


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