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 Post subject: M-APP: Masoud - Hunter - 80 <Blood Omen>
PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:23 pm 

Joined: Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:56 pm
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Character Name: Masoud

Publicly known alts: Oculuss

Class: Hunter

Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... l&n=Masoud

First Name: Masoud

Age: 18

Are you currently a Park Visitor? No

WoW Background

Previous Guild (include server please): Biood Omen
Date joined: March 29, 2009
Date of departure: As soon as being accepted
Reason for leaving: Dead guild
Class played while in guild: Hunter
Please list any references from that guild that we may contact:
Munireon, Capseacin, Perpetual

Please describe to us in detail both your mainspec and offspec for raiding and how they will benefit the raid over other specs.

Mainspec is survival, It'll benefit the raid cuz my DPS is Leet

Please describe to us your gear for both your mainspec and offspec and explain what gems are in both sets of gear and why you chose those gems.

My gear is good, the gems I chose is mostly +16agil because agility is good :D and some HR enchants

Why do you play World of Warcraft?
To have fun

Why did you choose to apply to Park Balance?
Because I want to be part of a special guild

How did you find out about us? Current guild members

Are there any members from Park Balance that can be contacted for a referral? no :(


Currently our scheduled raids run from 8PM to 12AM Monday to Thursday.

Will you ever be unable to attend any of our scheduled raids? (please describe why and when) Most likely not, maybe on very rare occasions

Your Background
I'm funny, serious(when it comes to raiding of course), and laid back

Do you play any other computer or console games? I play WoW mostly, nothing else really

Please describe to us your responsibilities outside of World of Warcraft:
Ima senior at high school, unemployed, and nothing else. I get spoon fed.

Raiding Experience

I know how to DPS, no one can match me :) and I misdirect when needed :D

Please describe your knowledge and experience with all Raid content in Wrath of the Lich King, The Burning Crusade and Vanilla World of Warcraft.
I've done many of the BC Raids, and all of WoTLK

Learning and Self-Improvement

Ulduar is the newest hot topic raid instance. What encounters have you educated yourself on from this instance? Please give us a breifexplanation of at least one of the fights from this instance.

Auriaya: hunter should stand out of line of sight of Auriaya to so the sentrys don't hit them (me) MD sentry, kill it, repeat without too much damage on auriaya while waiting for the feral spirit

What sources do you use to attain information on raid encounters you have not yet completed? (please provide specific URLs)


What ammount of time do you feel is long enough to spend wiping on a new encounter before it would be wise to call the raid for the night and come back another day?
It's better to keep fighting and wiping than not learning at all. But if we know the fight and people are just messing around maybe around 5 hours? :)

What is your opinion of the raiding acheivements blizzard has added to the game? I think it's because it shows that you are an experienced player

Do you set yourself goals in World of Warcraft? If so, what goals have you completed in the past, and what are your current goals?
My goal is to be the best hunter there is

PVP Experience

Do you currently participate in arena PVP?
Please explain your Burning Crusade PVP accomplishments:
Technical Feasibility

Please describe the computer(s) [technically] and surrounding environment you play in:
My environment is my room
Do you ever experience FPS lag?
No my computer is overpowered
Do you ever get disconnected from the Internet? If so, why?
Do you currently own a full working version of Fraps?
Do you own any video editing software? If so, are you familiar with it?
Would you be interested in assisting with guild video projects?
Sure, if asked I would definitely learn, I like learning

Bonus Points

What do you think "Park Balance" means? Be creative and have fun.
It's the name of the park in the area where all the officers live in and they go there occasionally with chicks and have picnics while drinking wine.

 Post subject: Re: M-APP: Masoud - Hunter - 80 <Blood Omen>
PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:30 pm 
Park Management

Joined: Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:49 am
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atm we are full on hunters, ty for apping.

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