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 Post subject: M-APP: <Biood Omen> Capseacin - Warrior - 80
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:54 pm 

Joined: Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:07 pm
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Yo. I’m Capseacin. Tanking is an art you better believe it. If you can guess where the hell my name comes from I’ll give you a cookie.

Character Name: Capseacin

Publicly known alts: Euqinuea (60ish priest… Ill lvl her someday)

Class: GRILLED-BEEF Warrior

Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... =Capseacin
Note: I’m in fury spec and gear atm. I also have tanking Best in slot gear (almost all BIS) and a TPS/Avoidance set. Getting Frost gear for tanking Hodir in Ulduar.. I think is his name.

First Name: Mohib – (Mo)

Age: 19

Are you currently a Park Visitor? I go all the time. I grill salmon n shiz. mm mm good.

WoW Background

(Copy and past the following form for each previous guild that is relevant to your raiding history.)
Previous Guild (include server please): Evil That Men Do
Date joined: Late Burning Crusade
Date of departure: A few months Before WOTLK
Reason for leaving: GM disbanded the guild on a whim.
Class played while in guild: WARRIOR
Please list any references from that guild that we may contact:
Drakta, Shkan, Strangelovin, Pwnrange, Traxex, Machkalge, Brendal, Kaastid, (Arles, Wachalango, Teserac) Orexxar, Munireon, Perpetual, Masoud

Previous Guild (include server please): Biood Omen
Date joined: 2-3 Months ago
Date of departure: Soon as you guys take me in.
Reason for leaving: ^
Class played while in guild: Warrior – Served as Main Tank
Please list any references from that guild that we may contact:
Jaybloodtwo (my fellow MT), Shamon, Jezusbeams, Haithar, Deahtbringer, Sxyback, Blackflower

Please describe to us in detail both your mainspec and offspec for raiding and how they will benefit the raid over other specs.
Mainspec: Prot
I am specced into deep wounds and basic prot spec. I chose improved revenge and deep wounds to maximize TPS. I gain enough crit from other prot talents so the 5 points in fury are not needed. Armored to the teeth for AP, Safegaurd to consistently aid the raid (anyone being hurt, pulling threat, or even on tank 30% dmg reduction) Soft-Shieldwalling people like this has saved me many a time, the 10% threat reduction on main tnak isn’t even noticeable mid-fight. Vigilance is a sick talent for dps threat drain and for use on another tank for keep taunt CD up as well as the 3% dmg reduction.
Offspec: Fury
I am specced into cookie cutter slam spec. It is a basic and good spec but, I’m more interested in the stance-dancing speck that incorporates Slam procs, and Overpower Procs from Rend. I will likely go into that spec given I master the complicated rotation. Looks like rage can be a pain, but with the extra dps from rend/overpower, tactical mastery and proper rage dumping it shouldn’t be a problem. Especially if you glyph heroic strike you can chain heroic strike and get back a crapload of rage.

Please describe to us your gear for both your mainspec and offspec and explain what gems are in both sets of gear and why you chose those gems.
Mainspec: Prot
I have a TPS set and an Avoidance set. They are gemmed to maintain Def cap, keep HP relatively high, and focus on the specific set’s needs. For TPS set I’ll need a little more stam and a little more avoidance to compensate for the loss of it when I swap out of AV set. For Avoidance set.. Just stacking avoidance/stam to maximize it. Do not have a mitigation set atm, could always gem for block rating/value but I don’t find it too useful unless I’m tanking many mobs.
Generally 30kHP unbuffed, 32.5k Self buffed. Avoidance gear I have around 25-26 dodge, 21-22 parry, 17-20 block depending on what gear I’m wearing. Always mixing and matching. TPS gear Dodge goes to around 22, Parry to around 19, block to around 15-16, but Hit and expertise are capped for pure TPS gear. You don’t need much more AV than that for the content we have Pre-Ulduar but, I usually and strutting a hybrid of the two sets.
I have 4.1k AP self buffed, 30% crit, 351 Hit, apprx 4% expertise, 258 haste rating. I can dish out ample, but there is significant room for improvement. I need to enchant my weapons with more expensive enchants and replace 2-3 blues with badge gear/ Naxx trash and full epics.

Why do you play World of Warcraft?
Because I have to get online.. I NEED A COMPUTER! Its’ fun.

Why did you choose to apply to Park Balance?
You are eating our guild alive. It is much appreciated too.

How did you find out about us?
Heard about you guys being a top guild for a while. (Look above)

Are there any members from Park Balance that can be contacted for a referral?
Nope, not that I know of.


Currently our scheduled raids run from 8PM to 12AM Monday to Thursday.

Will you ever be unable to attend any of our scheduled raids? (please describe why and when) Nope. I’ll attend them all.

Your Background

Do you play any other computer or console games?
Street Fighter 4, Warcraft III (DOTA mainly). Minesweeper takes up about 12-15 hours of my day.

Please describe to us your responsibilities outside of World of Warcraft:
-Cook dinner, College Course-Load (full time), Clean House.

Raiding Experience

Please describe your knowledge and experience with all Raid content in Wrath of the Lich King, The Burning Crusade and Vanilla World of Warcraft.
BC – Did Kara, Hyjal, SSC, TK. Guild disbanded and I stopped playing.
WOTLK – EOE/NAXX/OS/VOA all known.
Example: KT
My responsibilities:
Phase 1:
-Place marks on all Healers and Tanks.
-Call out Abomb/Banshee directions on the fly. To Focus DPS on necessary targets.
-Pick up Abombs before the early DPSers get one shotted.
-Get in position for KT if MT, if OT pickup last adds.
Phase 2:
-Postion KT(If MT)
-Organize/Call Out Kick Rotation. (Kick as often as possible to prevent 24k Frostbolts)
-Call out if people are too close to MT/OT/Healers
-Organize Melee DPS positioning and monitor it prevent Chains of Ice from Spreading.
-Keep up TPS rotation and hold threat when Chains of ice wipes threat.
-Keep up CS, Tclap, Sunders, Demo Shout, Rend, Shield Block etc.
-if OT, Pick up all adds cleanly and position self to the side near my healer.
-Be ready to pop CD’s as Adds Increase their buff stacks.
-Avoid Void zones.

Learning and Self-Improvement

Ulduar is the newest hot topic raid instance. What encounters have you educated yourself on from this instance? Please give us a breifexplanation of at least one of the fights from this instance.
Leviathan – Siege engines tank the boss and kite along a pre-planned path. Helicopters slow him down with tar. Demolishers launch passenger behind boss to trigger the 10 second stun. Helicpoter picks up the passengers launched. Demolishers ignite the tar. Etc.
Hodir – Does an Assload of frost dmg for a small period, have my Frost gear being made as we speak.

What sources do you use to attain information on raid encounters you have not yet completed? (please provide specific URLs)
Wowwiki.com, Elitistjerks.com

What ammount of time do you feel is long enough to spend wiping on a new encounter before it would be wise to call the raid for the night and come back another day?
Wipes speak volumes. Tells you who is having a bad night, who consistently is failing, helps to teach that you are doing something WRONG as a raider or even as a raid leader. When it comes down to it, it is the best litmus test of a person’s performance. I don’t mind wiping through the night and won’t get tired.. However, after most of the people are sleepy and full of tunnel vision, it is painful for them to continue. Realistically, if its THAT late, call it. I won’t be leaving until its called and wont push for it.. but that’s my take on it.

What is your opinion of the raiding acheivements blizzard has added to the game?
They are good b/c adds another level of difficulty to the raids. Its not all care-bear get purples and gg.

Do you set yourself goals in World of Warcraft? If so, what goals have you completed in the past, and what are your current goals?
Get decked out in Ulduar, Down Every boss in 10man / 25man Ulduar, master the boss fights from A-Z, and finally do Hard Mode straight through.

PVP Experience

Do you currently participate in arena PVP? no

Please explain your Burning Crusade PVP accomplishments: asdf

Technical Feasibility

Please describe the computer(s) [technically] and surrounding environment you play in: Room with 3 computers, if one messes up (shouldn’t) I have backups. Computer runs WoW smoothely.

Do you ever experience FPS lag? When other ppl do.

Do you ever get disconnected from the Internet? If so, why? Yes I’m permanently DC’ed. <3
Do you currently own a full working version of Fraps? Nope.

Do you own any video editing software? If so, are you familiar with it? Nope.

Would you be interested in assisting with guild video projects? I’m open to it.

Bonus Points

What do you think "Park Balance" means? Be creative and have fun.
Either like you park your car correctly not like an assclown. BALANCE THE FREAKIKNG PARKING.
Or… It means like.. a See-Saw… ‘a Park Balance’. “The Fat kids will be unveiled!!!”

kk thanks for considering me.

 Post subject: Re: M-APP: <Biood Omen> Capseacin - Warrior - 80
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:19 pm 
Park Management

Joined: Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:49 am
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Atm we are full on warriors of all specs. If you want too, you can ap as a visitor. However that position holds no raiding status.


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