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 Post subject: M-APP: (Orexxar) <Blood Omen>
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:00 pm 

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:lol: Character Name: Orexxar

Publicly known alts:

Class: Mage

Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... &n=Orexxar

First Name: Khalil - ingame go by: Rex

Age: 19

Are you currently a Park Visitor? No

WoW Background

Previous Guild: Blood Omen
Date joined: One of the founders - created about 2 months ago or so
Date of departure: Still in it atm
Reason for leaving:
Class played while in guild: Mage
Please list any references from that guild that we may contact: Sxyback

Previous Guild: Scotch and Waffles
Date joined: when WoLK came out.
Date of departure: When i left to make Blood Omen
Reason for leaving: Friends and old guild members came back to raiding specially our GM - Ace and wanted my help to make a new guild. I left S&W in good terms
Class played while in guild: Mage
Please list any references from that guild that we may contact: Deerty

Please describe to us in detail both your mainspec and offspec for raiding and how they will benefit the raid over other specs.

Mages do not really have MS and OS. Before the Ulduar patch i rolled Arcane but that changed. Right now after this new patch anyone can argue that ttw fire, Arc and FFB being better than the other for different bosses, but after doing some research and reading up ttw fire has been producing the best for me. With duel spec it should not be a problem tho. We can just roll the top two specs and roll with it.

As for the best spec for the raid Arc has MF which benefits the Mage and the person it is being applied to. Fire has scortch which is sexy and smexy.

Please describe to us your gear for both your mainspec and offspec and explain what gems are in both sets of gear and why you chose those gems.

Arcane: Basically for this gear you do not need as much hit since your talents provide some for you. SP and haste are very important for this spec, leaving crit as the last on the list. Also spirit is smexy for this spec since it burns your mana real fast. This spec has many rotations starting from going all out which eats up ur mana in seconds to mana saving rotation. MF is the bonus from this spec which hlps out ur buddy and u. As for glyphs: [Glyph of Arcane Blast], [Glyph of Molten Armor], [Glyph of Arcane Missiles]. As for gems: [Runed Scarlet Ruby], [Veiled Monarch Topaz], [Purified Twilight Opal](this one for the Maly quest neck). I gem my items so that hit cap comes first then after that i try to improve SP and Haste for this spec.

Fire: This spec is hot now after this new patch. This requires alot more hit rating since talents no longer provide it. 14% with druid/Spriest. After being hit capped SP ---> Haste and crit are about equal in my eyes for this spec. Cant really pick one over the other, need good amount of both. As far glyphs: [Glyph of Fireball], [Glyph of Molten Armor], [Glyph of Improved Scorch]. As far gems: [Chaotic Skyflare Diamond], [Runed Scarlet Ruby], [Reckless Monarch Topaz]. There is also the one with Sp and hit if low on hit. I gem my items so that hit cap comes first then after that i mix with SP then Haste/Crit for ttw fire.

Why do you play World of Warcraft? Honestly i would not play this game if it was not for raiding. I play this game to raid, but at the same time i try to make friends and have fun. I have been playing this game for more than 3 years and some of the plp in Blood Omen are still with me.

Why did you choose to apply to Park Balance? First of all Park balance has been around on this server for a long time. It is well managed and is consistent. I have played with the players from there and they all have great attitude while putting out great performance. More over Park Balance gets it shit done when it comes down to raiding and a big bonus is that Park Balance is willing to take some of our friends who just wants to have fun outside of raiding.

How did you find out about us? Our officer Sxyback

Are there any members from Park Balance that can be contacted for a referral?


Currently our scheduled raids run from 8PM to 12AM Monday to Thursday.

Will you ever be unable to attend any of our scheduled raids? (please describe why and when)
Nope i should be able to make all raid. Currently in Blood Omen i have had 100% attendance.

Your Background

Do you play any other computer or console games? PS3

Please describe to us your responsibilities outside of World of Warcraft: I am a full time student going to college. I have to spend alot of time focusing on school but i get my shit done. I also have 2 younger brothers which i might have to spend some time with during the day.

Raiding Experience

Please describe your knowledge and experience with all Raid content in Wrath of the Lich King, The Burning Crusade and Vanilla World of Warcraft.

My raid exp starts from all the way from MC ---> Now so pretty much everything =) I have done it all except i stopped playing wow for a while and missed Sunwell and BT. I have done all of MC BWL ZG SSC TK xcept kael.

Learning and Self-Improvement

Ulduar is the newest hot topic raid instance. What encounters have you educated yourself on from this instance? Please give us a breifexplanation of at least one of the fights from this instance.

Well like sxy said on his post we all have done our research on the bosses and know how the fights go. As for exp in there i have not done it yet.

What sources do you use to attain information on raid encounters you have not yet completed? (please provide specific URLs)

MMO champion

I also use alot of different website for live streaming videos and watch boss fights.

What ammount of time do you feel is long enough to spend wiping on a new encounter before it would be wise to call the raid for the night and come back another day?

It is time do call the raid from wiping when the raid leader announces it, other wise if you can be there you should be there. If you are wiping that means you are doing something wrong which needs to be fixed. Each wipe help u get a step closer.

What is your opinion of the raiding acheivements blizzard has added to the game?

I think blizz inputted these since raiding has been lowered in standards compared to the old school 40 mans. In some cases the acheivements show good a guild really is in terms of raiding. Acheivments are good in many ways which help the guilds compete and bring the best out of them. With more Acheivment you can tell how far your guild has improved.

Do you set yourself goals in World of Warcraft? If so, what goals have you completed in the past, and what are your current goals?

yes my goal is to be one of the best mages and compete with the best mages when it comes to raid. Being competitive is good, but i will never think that i am better than another mage in terms of knowledge. My goal is to get as much about my class from every mage i meet. For example i have been talking to Jugganot about mage changes and which raiding specs after this patch.

PVP Experience

I HATE PVP ... lol jk

but i dont pvp at all.

Technical Feasibility

Please describe the computer(s) [technically] and surrounding environment you play in:

I play on laptop in my room, i have a headset and usually the room is dark which hlp me focus on raiding.

Do you ever experience FPS lag? Nope i have smexy laptop

Do you ever get disconnected from the Internet? If so, why?

No i do not.

Do you currently own a full working version of Fraps?


Do you own any video editing software? If so, are you familiar with it?


Would you be interested in assisting with guild video projects?

Sure, if you guys think i can do it that is =)

Bonus Points

What do you think "Park Balance" means? Be creative and have fun.

Hmm hard question.... here is what poped in my head first: Park stands for the people in the guild and the community in there. Balance = the perfect balance PB has in WOW which is evaluated as balance between Getting your shit done when it comes to raiding but have fun while doing so.

That was my best attempt lol...

 Post subject: Re: M-APP: (Orexxar) <Blood Omen>
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:27 pm 
Park Management

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Atm we are full on mages. Ty for your app.

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